Being an advocate for climate change can be exhausting with all the climate news, eco-anxiety, and a constant struggle to get individuals and large corporations to care about climate change.

When we feel small, we remember our individual power and begin to advocate for a better planet, a better future. 

There is a level of responsibility that comes with advocating that dictates the success of your efforts. 

I’m here to tell you how to be a successful advocate for climate justice in 5 simple steps!

How to Advocate for Climate Justice

how to advocate for climate justice

1. Educate and Advocate, Not Attack and Argue

This is a hard pill to swallow and something I needed to learn.

It is so easy to become frustrated and defensive when people care so little or are so misinformed about the world around us. However, if there is someone who does not want to hear the truth, they will pick apart your reaction until they can make you look untrustworthy for this type of information.

When you interact with someone, whoever is around (or is reading it) can also either benefit or be harmed by that interaction.

If you take the time to reflect, inform, and respond calmly you have a better chance of influencing the right people even if it is not the person you set out to inform.

2. Do Your Research

When you’re on the “good” “progressive” or “righteous” side it is easy to defend yourself and your stance with morals and “common sense”.

However, assuming others are informed or assuming others will trust you just because you’re on the “good” side is problematic in itself.

Any productive discussion requires you to understand multiple perspectives and how people reach certain conclusions.

When responding to someone address their stance and where that information comes from (the validity, the source, etc.) and then support other perspectives, or correct them with cited evidence. 

If you provide research you are also giving this person the opportunity to see for themselves.

We cannot insist others do their research without doing ours.

3. Provide Solutions and Give Hope

When talking about the state of the world, politics, and climate change, the conversation can become negative very quickly.

You are doing people a disservice if you leave them feeling hopeless.

No matter the discussion, learn to express urgency and seriousness while providing solutions, actionable steps, and hope.

4. Leave Room for Growth

It is clear that we need change. On every level, people and corporations need to change their perspectives and way of life. 

If we shut people down and assume the worse in them, without leaving any room for growth, we are removing that chance for them to change. 

Encourage change, and leave room for growth, we need a community. 

5. Take Breaks But Never Stop Advocating

When it gets overwhelming learn to rest, reflect, and regroup.

You’re doing great things, we need you to be well enough to continue.

When you’re fighting for a better world, make sure you remember to take care of yourself.

advocate for climate justice

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