As part of my 52 Hike Challenge, I hiked the Brigus lighthouse hike during my visit to my home province of Newfoundland, Canada.

This is a very popular hike in the area of Brigus as it gives you a beautiful view of Brigus, a visit to the Brigus lighthouse, and it definitely gives you a good workout.

As you will see it was a picture-perfect day!

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Quick Trail Facts

Approximately 6 kilometers out & back trail.

No shade, but can also be very windy by the water.

Moderate – Hard hike.

Rocky trail with many inclines & declines.

Wear appropriate footwear and bring water!

Locating Trail Entrance and Parking

Located in Brigus, Newfoundland where the roads are narrow. I suggest using a GPS and taking your time as the roads are very narrow here and it is worthwhile to admire all the fascinating architecture and history you will encounter along the way!

As you drive up Battery Road (as marked on the map) you will see a small parking area to your left. However, this is a very narrow road and there is little parking space so I would personally suggest finding somewhere else permissible to park and then walking back to the trail.

You can always check the parking area first, but be aware that it will be difficult to turn around and get back out of the area if it is crowded.

Do not let this discourage you. There are many areas to park conveniently and respectfully to avoid congestion.

The trail is very well marked and the entrance is presented with a large map of the hike!

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Brigus Lighthouse Hike

Trail Overview

This hike is an out and back trail meaning you travel the same path to the peak and then back to the entrance. It is about 6 kilometers total making it 3 kilometers to the lighthouse.

My mother and I managed to hike this trail in under 2 hours and our extra distance was due to veering off the beaten path and we had to park away from the trail entrance.

I would classify the hike as moderate-hard because it has a lot of hills on a rocky trail. Returning from the lighthouse was honestly very tiring and I would have been miserable if I did not have water and a hat to shelter me from the sun.

In saying this, there were adults and their children on the path so as long as you come prepared to really hike you will be fine!

It is well marked and hard to miss the trail.



Map from AllTrails.

The trail is mostly rocky with areas of mud after a rainfall – which in Newfoundland happens a lot.

If I could summarize the trail to the lighthouse it would be to say that the trail travels up one hill and then another. There is a lot of up and down and it is not a straight path to the lighthouse.

In fact, for most of the trail, you cannot even see the lighthouse in the distance! Do not worry, you will see it and it will be worth the hike!

The trail continuously provides a beautiful view of the ocean and even the mountains of rocks are a fascinating view!

There is one section that is a steep decline, but luckily there is a rope to hold onto.

The trail has a lot of traffic on nice days so just be mindful of that.

Closer to the lighthouse you will experience more wind. I recommend taking a light coat or sweater even on a hot day.

The Brigus lighthouse is beautiful and a great place to take a break and absorb the scenery in!

The Brigus Lighthouse

Brigus is a historic town where many residents worked in the fishing industry. The tower for the lighthouse was erected in 1884 standing 9.5 meters tall.

The first keeper of this lighthouse was William W. Horwood until 1931 when the Brigus lighthouse could be operated from the government wharf in Brigus.

Finally, in 1990 the tower was named a Recognized Federal Heritage Building!

Information on the Brigus lighthouse retrieved from

If you have any questions or comments concerning the hiking trail or the history of Brigus and the lighthouse please contact me or leave a comment below.
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