As part of my 52 Hike Challenge, I hiked the Johnson River Falls trail in Nova Scotia, Canada.johnson river falls, halifax nova scotia

This trail leads to a small, but serene waterfall and it is only about a 30-minute hike to reach the beautiful scene. We actually headed out after work on a Tuesday to make the most of the sunshine!


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Quick Trail Facts

Approximately 4.5 kilometers out & back trail.

No shade until you reach the waterfall, bring water and a hat.

Easy to Moderate difficulty.

Wear appropriate hiking footwear!

Bring fly spray as the flies are numerous by the water.

Well marked.

Locating Trail Entrance and Parking

johnson river falls parking

Located near Fall River in Nova Scotia taking exit 5 just off Highway 102. I suggest using a GPS if you are unfamiliar with the area. You will reach the end of Perrin Drive and see a gate and dirt road (as pictured on Google Map below). There is abundant parking space!

Johnson River Falls Hike


Trail Overview

This hike is an out and back trail, about 4.5 kilometers total making it 2.25 kilometers to the waterfall.

We managed to reach the waterfall within a half-hour, the trail begins on a gravel road. This road is used by ATVs, so make sure to be careful of any traffic until you reach the turn-off.

johnson river falls gravel path

When you exit the gravel road you will reach a bridge and then enter a more narrow path with a lot of beautiful forests.

johnson river falls bridge

johnson river falls narrow path

The trail continues to become more and more narrow. The gravel road segment ends when you see an unfortunate dumping site. If you feel like being a good person, try taking a bag and safely removing some garbage when you walk by!

You will know you are on the right path because the trail is very well marked! Red or sometimes green ribbons will be tied on the trees.

johnson river falls ribbon markers

The trail becomes more narrow and grown in. The trail tends to be rocky and there are very muddy sections so I do recommend wearing proper hiking attire, even if it is a quick hike.

johnson river falls muddy path

The Waterfall

johnson river falls waterfall

The waterfall is small and simple, but still breathtaking.

The sound of the water flowing alone makes this resting spot so serene.

In fact, you will see the stretch of the river and appreciate the shade and calmness of the area.

If you follow the path of the river you can also find smaller waterfalls in the same area. It truly is a beautiful spot!

The Johnson River Falls trail is already a favorite of mine. Being a short and well-marked trail makes this hike perfect to fit into any busy day!
The waterfall makes for a great place to relax and has plenty of trees and shade to make for the perfect hammock location!
Do you know any other great waterfalls in the area?
If you have any questions or comments concerning the hiking trail please contact me or leave a comment below.
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