A trip to Newfoundland’s east coast is incomplete without hiking Cobbler’s Path trail!

Cobbler’s Path to Red Cliff is an amazing hike part of the East Coast Trail. It is even more amazing during whale season!

Luckily this trail is only about a 20 minute drive from the city of St. John’s.

Newfoundland is known for its natural beauty, if you find yourself on the east coast then you must hike this trail!

Hiking trail on a cliff face by the ocean

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Quick Trail Facts for Cobbler’s Path

Different trail lengths which I will explain.

Every option is an out & back trail unless you arrange rides or park a vehicle at each end.

Little to no shade, but can also be very windy by the water.

Moderate – Hard hike.

A lot of stairs!

Majority of hike is near the cliff face, be careful.

Wear appropriate footwear and bring water!

Locating Trail Entrance and Parking

Located in Torbay, Newfoundland covering Logy Bay, Middle Cove, and Outer Cove as seen below on the map.

If you choose to do the longest hike you can park a vehicle near Red Cliff, but my your starting point will be the area shown with the red arrow.

Due to high traffic in the area as it is a community, obey all signs and barriers to determine where to park your vehicle!

And please, if you decide to park one car at the other end do not forget those car keys and have to walk back like we did!

Doran’s Lane is where you will find the trail entrance.

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Cobbler’s Path Trail and Hiking Options

Trail Overview

Map from AllTrails of the Cobblers Path Hike

Map from AllTrails

AllTrails is amazing tool for any hiker looking for maps, reviews, or if you want to track your hike.

However, on the East Coast Trail they have their own website with information and maps!

This map shows the 4.4km (8.8km out and back) trail from Doran’s Lane to Red Cliff, but I am going to discuss and show the possible options.

East Coast Trail sign at beginning of trail with various distances.

Torbay Point Junction

This will be your shortest out and back section where you hike just 0.5km (1km total) to reach a breathtaking point.

Hiking trail on a cliff face by the ocean

Don’t be fooled, even at the small distance the hike is a little intense so I definitely recommend proper footwear. Remember, walking down to a point close to the water means you will have to walk back up!

Hiking trail on a cliff face by the ocean


It is a beautiful spot to go whale-watching, have a lunch, read, or even just get some fresh air! It is not shaded so I definitely recommend bringing water, a hat, and sunscreen.

Besides the hill required to reach the point, the path is generally flat and easy.

Boardwalk trail on a hike in the woods






Cobbler Brook

A wooden sign that reads "Cobbler Brook"

At 2.5km in, you will already be over halfway through the hike.

A small rocky brook with a wooden staircase on a hiking trail

Hiking this far will allow you to look behind you and see beautiful landscapes and you will have hiked by the cliffs and in the wooded area.

Hiking trail on a cliff face by the ocean

This is a beautiful point and if you wish to end your hike here you will have hiked 5km! If you want to continue to Red Cliff Base (like I did) check out that overview below!

Red Cliff

If you continue from Cobbler Brook be prepared to tackle a lot of stairs. The only thing that stands between you and Red Cliff is the staircase which is maintained by East Coast Trails.

Hiking trail on a cliff face by the ocean

So why would I hike the rest of the way you ask?

You get to see the Red Cliff Radar Station which is an abandoned American Air Force Station. You can read more about it on Hidden Newfoundland.

An abandoned concrete building covered in graffiti

At 4.4km hiked you will find yourself at Red Cliff where you have the options of turning around as the trail is out and back, making your hike 8.8km.

Or like I stated earlier, you can arrange a parking system or a ride to start your hike at Doran’s Lane and finish at Red Cliff!

Trail Difficulty

I would classify the hike as moderate-hard depending on what route you plan. Torbay Point Junction and Cobbler Brook can be classified as moderate, although it may vary depending on your hiking abilities.

Again this may vary depending on the hiker, but I would classify the hike to Red Cliff as hard due to the amount of stairs. 

I have hiked both 4.4km to Red Cliff and 8.8km to Red Cliff and back. It is definitely doable, but judge based on time, experience, and weather!

A boardwalk hiking trail on a cliff near the ocean

Leave any comments or questions below about the Cobbler’s Path hike or Red Cliff Base!
If you do hike this trail and post a picture feel free to use the hashtag #teatreesandtrails and I will share it to my Instagram story! If you need Instagram captions check out my hiking captions here!

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