Learn about the values, goals, and hopes that built Tea Trees & Trails

Making Environmental Science Accessible

One of our main goals is to share environmental science in a way that is accessible to all. The power of social media and the internet allows us to use it for better or for worse. Tea Trees and Trails is choosing to use it for the better!

Connect Humans More Closely to Nature

It cannot be said enough that the distance between people and nature is the root of all problems. Tea Trees and Trails will use the power of photo, video, and conversation to connect our followers closer to the world around them.

Learn the Complexities of Nature, SIMPLY

How nature grows and connects within the Earth’s ecosystems is truly amazing. The instincts and power of animals are almost unbelievable at times. Making information and data easy to understand and easy to learn is what we aim for. As said by Einstein: If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Uplift Indigenous Voices and Build a Community

Building a community of environmentalists and nature-lovers cannot be created without acknowledgment, appreciation, and active support of indigenous cultures and voices. The desire to connect with nature and grow with it is not my original thought – it is engrained in indigenous cultures and there will be times when it is not our time to speak, but our time to listen.

Help Restore a World That Respects Nature

All of these goals contribute to what we want the most. To restore our connection to nature and live in such a way that acknowledges and protects the beautiful gifts of life around us. It is a big goal, but without hope, we would have nothing.

Tea Trees and Trails is all about building hope.



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